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Breast Lift

This cosmetic surgery procedure does just what it describes: it tightens the breast tissue to give them a more firm and youthful appearance. Candidates for breast lift are not looking to change the size of their breasts; they seek to correct the effects of aging, childbirth or significant weight loss.

Breast lift is typically performed under general anesthesia in an outpatient setting.

Laser Bra Surgery

A cosmetic surgeon might refer to breast lift as laser bra surgery. It is a type of breast lift where an "internal bra" is constructed using the patient's own tissue. The surgeon makes incisions similar to what is described in breast reduction surgery and breast augmentation, using laser technology, which makes healing better for the patients. With laser bra surgery, the nipple is not affected.

The patient's own tissue is used to create the bra. The surgeon removes excess tissue and uses it to reconstruct and lift the patient's breasts.

Laser bra surgery is a newer procedure. Look for a cosmetic surgeon who is experienced and trained to perform laser bra surgery using our Surgeon Locator.

After Breast Lift

Recovery from breast lift is similar to what a patient would expect after breast augmentation or reduction. A compression garment is worn from the hospital and held in place until the first post-operative visit within a day or two of surgery. Following that, the patient will wear a removable surgical bra or sports bra for several weeks. Activity will be very restricted immediately after breast lift, and the patient will slowly return to normal activities, including heavy lifting and exercise. Following the cosmetic surgeon's post-surgery guidelines will reduce downtime, maximize healing and optimize the results.

Find a Surgeon Who Performs Breast Lift

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